Operation Hidden Treasure Episodes

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What will JDog Veterans discover on these Operation Hidden Treasure episodes? It’s like going on a treasure hunt! The JDog Team never knows what they’re going to find on the job. Every week, JDoggers transform unwanted junk from their hauls into treasure. Follow along to see how these items embark on a second life to benefit a family, person, or organization in need.

8:00am EST/PST on Discovery Channel • 8:30pm EST/ 9:30pm PST on American Heroes Channel
(D=Discovery, AHC= American Heroes Channel re-airing)

101  “A Fresh Start”
10/10/21 (D) | 10/14/21 (AHC)
JDoggers help a fellow Vet move in and Sammy’s team finds a new home for an orphaned organ

102 “Embrace the Suck”
10/17/21 (D) | 10/21/21 (AHC)
Joe’s team battles a monster TV and then makes a heartfelt donation to the local VA

103 “Adapt and Overcome”
10/24/21 (D) | 10/28/21 (AHC)
JDoggers wrestle with an abandoned boat in the woods and then help a single mom and her daughter

104 “Nothing’s Final”
10/31/21 (D) | 11/04/21 (AHC)
The team needs back-up to clear out an old mill and a full barn yields unexpected treasures

105 “Garden of Heroes”
11/07/21 (D) 11/11/21 (AHC)
The JDoggers donate a Texas BBQ to the VFW and then help plant a garden for heroes

106 “The Harder Right”
11/14/21 (D) | 11/18/21 (AHC)
Sammy’s team rehabs a pick-up truck, and an above ground pool wreaks havoc

107 “You’ve Got a Friend”
11/21/21 (D) | 11/24/21 (AHC)
The JDoggers help a fellow Veteran come clean and a 12-year-old boy gets in the JDog spirit of giving

108 “Mandatory Fun”
11/28/21 (D) | 12/02/21 (AHC)
The JDoggers help furnish a sober living facility and a pool table is no picnic

109 “Family Gifts”
12/05/21(D) | 12/09/21(AHC)
Donations from two different families get delivered to a single mom and her sons

110 “Back in the Saddle”
12/12/21 (D) | 12/16/21 (AHC)
JDoggers need the Fire Department’s help and a horse whisperer brings the JDoggers together