People Love Operation Hidden Treasures

Here’s What People Are Saying About Operation Hidden Treasures

“Great show about a great company”

What a great show! I have the pleasure of knowing Mr & Mrs JDog and the work they do to help veterans build a business, advance and prosper is nothing short of amazing! This is a show that must be watched. — Anonymous Viewer

“America's finest hard at work on the home front!”

We live in a society we’re people are afraid to get their hands dirty… this is a refreshing look at the rewards for working hard and getting your hands dirty to feed their families and help other families as well! A feel good show I can watch with my kids!!! — Anonymous Viewer

“My new addiction”

This show was great rarely write reviews but thought this show deserved it. Hope we get some more episodes soon can’t wait to binge. So much of reality tv is fake this one seems real. — Anonymous Viewer

“Veterans doing great things.”

What a great concept for a show; highlighting how Veterans continue to serve their communities. Another man’s junk is another man’s treasure and these guys do this everyday. I can’t wait to see more shows and after looking it up, JDog is in cities all across America. — Jack K.

“Veterans at work”

Man this touched my heart seeing how people are so compassionate! Local veterans helping other local veterans with the help of other local businesses! This is some good stuff! — Jon M.

“Veterans helping veterans”

Love this show. Nothing better then seeing Vets help Vets. An amazing TV show that shows how veterans business give back to there fellow vets. Can’t wait to the next episode and see how they change the world for more vets. — Theodore P.

“Who knew junk removal would be so entertaining?”

I would have never thought watching a show about junk removal would be so entertaining. Rehoming items that benefits veterans in need, especially those who are suffering with PTSD, is the best part of the show. A great break from all the fake reality TV shows out there where people are outrageous just to get ratings. This is real human emotion, nothing fake about it. — David L.

“Amazing show”

This is definitely my new favorite show! So glad I took the time to watch it. It’s nice to have something positive to watch. I can’t wait to watch more!!! — Daniel M.

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