People Love Operation Hidden Treasures

Here’s What People Are Saying About Operation Hidden Treasures

“Veterans continue to make a difference”

I loved the first episode! The veteran community is amazing and seeing these veterans continue to serve their communities in a new way is great. The feel good vibes of this first episode make me very excited to see how the show continues this season. I am also excited because there is a JDog local to us and we will definitely be using them for all of our carpet and junk removal needs to support the veterans that have supported us in the military. Thank you for your service! — Mandy C.

“Great feel good show... about junk!”

If you’re looking for the feel good show of the year? Look no further. This show hits you right in the feels. Check it out! A junk removal company that is giving back to veterans and their communities.

— Sheldon R.

“Best TV show we've seen. Inspiring!”

— Alex A.

“It was great!”

— Angela G.

“Watched it with the kids!! Great work!”

— Wade R.

“Terrific show!”

— Terry W.

“Awesome Show.”

Awesome Show. I have personally seen the work JDog does and yeah, it’s like that! Tugs on the heart strings and puts a tear in my eye. <3 — Gina R.

“5 stars for me!”

I love shows like this! It’s a great concept because it’s also a feel good show with purpose! 5 stars for me! — Jill P.

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